BASF to offer digital biomass images through cloud cover

BASF has partnered with European company VanderSat to offer new technology that provides clear satellite images even through cloud cover.

Jeff Spencer with BASF tells Brownfield Ag News their Xarvio field manager has collaborated with VanderSat to offer the technology starting this March.

“Any given day, I think, seventy-percent of the world is covered by clouds and so this gives us a really unique tool in our Xarvio product platform to be able to see through those clouds and offer farmers a nearly daily image to see what’s happening on their farms and fields.”

Spencer says climate change has made cloud cover unpredictable and this technology breaks through that, “That’s why this technology is so important as we see precipitation patterns change, as we see sort of climate change.”

He says the new technology will allow for better zone spraying of fungicide, for example, which has to happen in a very specific window of time.

Interview with Jeff Spencer ^^

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