Bayer Crop Science looking ahead of the COVID-19 curve

Agribusinesses are among those making adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bayer Crop Science has made several changes to continue serving customers through the crisis. 

St. Louis based US Country Division Head Chris Turner tells Brownfield as they work from home and limit contact in the field to help flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, they are actually “ahead of the curve” in some areas.

“We are learning how to communicate with customers differently today then we ever have before. And to that point, I think we are bringing value to more people on a more timely basis using those virtual tools.”

Turner says some of the virtual practices they have adopted during this challenging time could help them be more efficient in the future.

“For example, from a service call standpoint, walking the field with a handheld device and virtually go through that experience with a customer to make a recommendation so they can continue to apply products or plant seed.”

Turner says the key for them has been clear communication with employees, retailers and customers to ensure needs are met while keeping everyone comfortable and safe.

He says up to this point there have been no delays in meeting customers’ needs and they are still able to gauge performance of test plots to make improvements for the 2021 growing season.

Interview with Chris Turner

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