Beck’s agronomist says rootworm pressure up in Iowa

INTERVIEW: Jon Skinner, Beck’s Regional Agronomy Manager

Corn rootworm pressure has increased in some parts of Iowa this growing season.

Jon Skinner, regional agronomy manager with Beck’s, says the state has seen a blend of Western and Northern Corn Rootworm infestations.

“With those two insects, you have different reproductive cycles, and you have different ways in which they have adapted to the environments to become resistant to those rootworm traits.”

He tells Brownfield crop rotation is typically the first method of management, but the rootworms have the ability to counter that approach.

“They’ve got something called extended diapause which allows them to stay in the soil a full growing season and come out after a bean crop.”

Skinner says there are some other tricks to battle the pest. “I’m always going to recommend a fully-traited corn with a rootworm trait, and then the use of a granular insecticide.”

Skinner suggests farmers should extensively scout their fields the rest of the growing season.

He spoke to Brownfield at Beck’s Iowa Field Show near Colfax on Tuesday.

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