Berning: places don’t make the impact, people do

Thousands of Indiana FFA members across the state are tuning in to the state convention instead of attending in person like they normally would because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In his retiring address to an empty hall, Indiana FFA Treasurer Noah Berning talked about being devastated when he found out they wouldn’t be able to have the usual convention.

“All of these years I just wanted my moment in Elliot Hall and now it’s gone,” he says.

But, after reflecting on his time in FFA, he said he realized it wasn’t the place that made those moments special, it was the people around him.

“Every time my idols inspired me, the retiring addresses, the contests, the times we stood on this stage and got our plaques, the times we made the tunnels for state officers to run down, and every time we did something in this building was made special because of the people in this organization- they are who changed my life,” he says.

Berning says the convention hall may look empty, but it doesn’t feel empty.  

“Things may be different, but we are the only ones who can make this moment feel like it’s supposed to,” he says. “Indiana FFA, places don’t make the impact you do.”  

The 91st Indiana FFA Convention continues virtually through Thursday.

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