Biden announces actions to support farmers

The Biden administration has rolled out additional resources to help America’s farmers and ranchers boost production to meet demands globally and at home.

During a stop at a farm in Illinois on Wednesday, President Biden announced they’re increasing the number of counties eligible for double cropping insurance, “If the weather conditions aren’t ideal, or aren’t at least good, or there are other disruptions, then the timing of everything is thrown off, but it’s a risk we need to take. That’s why my administration is looking at how to extend crop insurance coverage to give financial security to farmers who practice double cropping.”

The administration also announced it is increasing their efforts to lower costs and boost availability of fertilizer to farmers, “Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it would invest $250 million to boost fertilizer production. On the plane out here, on Air Force One, I turned to (Ag Secretary) Tom (Vilsack) and I said ‘Tom, double that, make it $500 million, it’s so desperately needed, we can’t take chances.’”

Heather Boushey, a member of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors, says these investments are addressing issues outside of farmers’ control, “So what the President has focused on is the places where he can reduce those pain points for consumers and, particularly, for farmers.”

President Biden also announced the USDA has planning and cost-sharing assistance programs available to help US farmers with nutrient management to reduce fertilizer usage without reducing yields.

  • Are you kidding me….joe is the one who has caused these problems and his idea is not going to help enough. Get real and get us back to where we were under President Trump.

  • He wouldn’t know which end of a cow milk comes from. I read some his administration ideas. Wow

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