Bill specifies USA beef label requirements

Cattlemen’s groups are divided about the introduction of the U.S. Beef Integrity Act by South Dakota Republican Senators Mike Rounds and John Thune. The bill would require that “Product of the U.S.A.” labels be allowed only on beef derived from one or more animals born, raised and slaughtered in the U.S.

The US Cattlemen’s Association is pleased with the proposed legislation saying it will close loopholes allowing foreign beef to be labeled a product of the U.S.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says it’s seeking information on beef labeling practices, but does not support “a rush to more government regulation.”

Currently beef from livestock born and raised outside the U.S. can be labeled “Product of the U.S.A.” as long as it undergoes additional processing at a USDA-inspected plant.

  • Yes, we need a bill that will tell consumers where this beef came from. Other countries of origin, should not be mixing with
    our cattle or livestock at any time. We have very strict laws and they should remain that way. Everything today, its about greed and profits and not once does anyone think of the consumer and the health and safety of what we stand for. What is the sense of having laws, if we do not stand by them. Our ranchers worked very hard, and we owe the cattle and other farm animals the respect they deserved and the consumer. Does not anyone care what happens to the generation that are coming up and we want them healthy. In the meantime, feedlots should be banned and very gross and how would you like if you were put in a feedlot with other people. Nobody would like it and neither does the animal. I watched Temple Grandin who is amazing and half of this country adopted her system. The other half needs to start adopting and get rid of feedlots and also we want labels on our meats. Do not want some other country mix with our meats and again, what is the purchase of laws. HUM!!!!!!!!

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