Biofuels groups pushing for inclusion in sustainable aviation fuels

Biofuels groups are pushing to ensure U.S. biofuel blenders will qualify for a proposed tax incentive to produce sustainable aviation fuels through the Build Back Better act. 

Following Airlines for America’s announcement of its goal to make three billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel available to operators in 2030, Growth Energy Vice President of Government Affairs John Fuher said the next step is deciding if fuel standards will be set through the U.S. or internationally…

“What we’re trying to do is have a sperate process from what this international aviation body would do that the U.S. government can help determine whether or not agricultural based feed stocks like corn ethanol, soybean oil would qualify as something that can be used to make sustainable aviation fuel,” Fuher said.

Fuher tells Brownfield the legislation would direct either an international aviation body or the U.S. government to set the ‘measuring stick’ that determines how much carbon is reduced, impacting the amount of tax credits offered…

“We’re trying to ensure this bill, that would provide a tax incentive to produce and blend sustainable aviation fuel, includes a pathway for American agriculture to contribute,” he said.              

The Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy participated in a recent White House roundtable discussion with aviation leaders, the U.S. Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Agriculture where they called for new tax incentives that reduce carbon emissions and support the biofuels sector.

John Fuher Interview

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