Biofuels supporters ramp up efforts to protect RFS

Iowa Corn Growers Association president Mark Recker speaks at an RFS rally near Nevada, Iowa on Saturday.

Biofuels supporters have ramped up their efforts to protect the Renewable Fuels Standard from changes being pursued by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and oil refiners.

At a rally near Nevada, Iowa on Saturday, Bill Howell, who manages the POET ethanol plant at Coon Rapids, said Cruz’s plan to cap RIN prices would hurt ethanol producers and farmers.

“Senator Cruz says it’s a win-win,” Howell said. “How can he honestly say this is a win for farmers when it will cripple the corn market and the price of corn will immediately drop 25 cents.”

Iowa Corn Growers Association president Mark Recker said the biofuels industry has faced many challenges. But he said the latest attack on the RFS, “is maybe the largest threat we’ve seen”.

“We have the lowest farm income since 2006. Times are not great on the farm and prospects don’t look good,” Recker said. “The last thing we need is to have the knees taken out of the RFS.”

At a Friday afternoon news conference in Des Moines, Monte Shaw, executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, called on President Trump to stand behind his promise to support renewable fuels.

“Our message to the president is, ‘for goodness sake, do not buy this pig in a poke from Ted Cruz that drives an economic stake through the heart of rural America—and Iowa specifically.”

Another White House meeting between biofuel and oil industry stakeholders, which was scheduled for Monday, was cancelled on Friday. Agri-Pulse cites a source who said more time is needed to prepare for the meeting.

AUDIO:  Excerpts from Saturday’s RFS rally near Nevada, Iowa


AUDIO: Excerpt from Monte Shaw’s comments during Friday’s IRFA news conference


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