Biogas boom in Germany helping boost farmers’ profits

A European country is incentivizing its farmers to invest in renewable energy in an effort to diversify the country’s energy supply.

Mathias Mumme with CLAAS says two decades ago, Germany started helping farmers build biogas farms – an operation that uses manure and crop residue to create fuel. “Germany is the leading market for biogas farms.  We have around 7,000 biogas farms in Germany, which is the highest number worldwide.”

He tells Brownfield there is a high demand for alternative fuels and the potential for combustion engines in farm machinery is growing. “We will use more of the energy from biogas and wind.  Not only for heating or gas production, but also for E fuels that can be used in combustion engines in the future.”

Mumme says the increase in biogas farms adds demand for forage machinery, which has been on a steady increase recently.

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