Biosecurity enforcement key to limiting HPAI spread

Iowa’s state veterinarian says biosecurity at commercial poultry facilities is no easy task.

Dr. Jeff Kaisand tells Brownfield it’s essential to keep highly pathogenic avian influenza out of flocks. “Biosecurity is something that has to be in place every day and every hour of the day. It’s extra work. That’s what is sometimes difficult is to make sure it happens all the time.”

He says there are multiple steps to enforce adequate measures that eliminate contact with wild bird populations. “Keeping up bird netting on buildings. If you walk outside, making sure that when you walk into a building that you are either showering in or showering out or changing clothes. You need to be washing or disinfecting boots or changing boots.”

Kaisand says feed spills can also attract wild birds and need to be cleaned up immediately if they occur.

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