Bipartisan letter calls on USTR to resolve Mexico GM corn ban dispute

Members of the House Ways and Means Committee are urging the U.S. Trade Representative to resolve a trade dispute with Mexico involving genetically modified corn.

Two dozen U.S. Representatives lead by Nebraska Republican Adrian Smith and Michigan Democrat Dan Kildee sent a bipartisan letter to the USTR Office asking to consider all options to uphold the integrity of the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

Minnesota Corn Growers Association president Richard Syverson tells Brownfield a GM corn ban would be harmful to U.S. farmers and Mexican consumers.

“And absence the evidence of any real harm from using these GMO’s, I think Mexico is obligated under the USMCA to negotiate in good faith with us on accepting the traits that have been proven safe and effective here in the United States.”

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack recently met with Mexico’s president, telling him the U.S. is willing to enforce its legal rights under the USMCA if an acceptable resolution cannot be found.

Ways and Means Committee members from Brownfield states who also signed onto the letter:  Illinois Democrat Danny Davis and Illinois Republican Darin LaHood, Kansas Republican Ron Estes, Missouri Republican Jason Smith, and Wisconsin Democrat Ron Kind.

  • if they don’t want the f’n corn, then they don’t want the f’n corn, the U.S. has a way of forcing itself globally, this trade agreement, when first conceived of, was just a tool for the u.s. to use force, the U.S. has no respect for sovereign nations

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