Black vulture depredation permits available for IL livestock producers

Illinois livestock producers facing threats from black vultures can now apply for depredation permits.

Tasha Bunting, director of commodity programs at Illinois Farm Bureau, says the birds, which have a dark gray head and are more aggressive than the larger, red-headed turkey vulture, are known to attack livestock…

“Young livestock, or birthing livestock in the open pastures, and so conflict is increasing between our livestock and our black vulture population,” she says.

She tells Brownfield the organization is helping affected producers navigate the complex permit application process, and is covering the permit costs…

“And really, this helps streamline the process.”  She says, “We also work with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to help get them, almost simultaneously, the Class B nuisance permit that our livestock producers would need in order to exercise the black vulture depredation permit.”

Bunting says black vultures are becoming more common in the state as the birds’ migratory patterns change…

We’ve had a population of some sorts in, you know, the very southern part of Illinois for a while, but as our winters are becoming more and more mild, they are sticking around and increasing further north,” she says.

Bunting says documentation of suspected vulture attacks can assist the permitting process.  Producers needing to apply should contact the Illinois Farm Bureau to learn more.

AUDIO: Tasha Bunting – IL Farm Bureau

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