Bouncing back after one of the worst years ever for pork producers

The immediate past president of the National Pork Board says she’s optimistic about the upcoming year despite a tumultuous 2023. 

This past year will go down as pork producers’ worst year on record.  But, Heather Hill of Indiana says unlike in 1998 pork producers were able to better weather the economic storm. “A big difference, is things are already kind of starting to turn around,” she says. “In addition, the tools available for risk management are so much greater today than they were in 1998. So I think as farmers were taking advantage of those.” 

She tells Brownfield today’s tight margins force producers to run their operations more like a business. “We have to be strategic and really think about how we are marketing things,” she sys.  “To think about what tools we’re taking advantage of.” 

But, Hill says growth in pork demand presents a huge opportunity for the industry. “Pork is such a diverse product that can be used in so many different ways,” she says.  “And I think we’re just starting to scratch the surface.” 

AUDIO: Heather Hill, immediate past president National Pork Board

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