Brewing brothers credit prep work for business success  

Two brothers’ dream of vertically integrating their grain farm to a brewery has come true, but it didn’t come without hard work and preparation.

Matt Riggs and his brother Darin knew their dream of brewing their own beer from the grain they grow, wouldn’t come easy.

“Believe it or not, you can’t just mix grain and water and make good beer out of it. There are a lot of really tough technical steps in between the grain and the liquid”, Matt says.

So, after serving in the military, Matt went to brewing school in Germany and Darin worked for the largest brewer in the US.

“That was incredibly helpful when it came time for us to finally come back to the family farm and launch the business. I am pretty confident to say that we would not have been able to meet that technical challenge to make high quality beer from our own grain if we had not have spent at least a few years in the brewing industry before trying it on our own.”

Matt says Riggs Beer is now a successful local business because they didn’t underestimate the prep work.

“If I would have started at 18 when we had this idea, I would have failed miserably and made a terrible product. I didn’t have any money so it would have been undercapitalized. Knowing when you’re NOT ready, is just as important as knowing when you ARE ready.”

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