Brian Hefty says a lot can be learned from 2019 weather challenges

Ag Phd co-host Brian Hefty says a lot can be learned from the weather challenges of 2019. 

Many farmers who have dealt with excess moisture are ready for this year to be over.  Brian Hefty understands why, but says 2019 is not a throw away year.

“You have to look at all these things because you have to remember the average is just, I’ve got extremes on one end or the other, and I’m going to hit that again sooner or later.”

Speaking to Brownfield at the Ag Phd Field Day north of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he says years like 1993 and 2012 are hard to forget. Hefty predicts 2019 will be too.

“My dad was a farmer in 1976, and he talked to us a lot growing up about the drought (that year). So I was better prepared for 2012 and what to do, not only that year, but coming out of that year. What happens the next year? And that’s one of the big things we have to try to prepare people for.”

Hefty says if this year ends wet, farmers should expect delays in the spring and consider “Plan B’s” for tillage and pre-emerge herbicide applications.

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