Broiler placements up on week, year

Broiler chicken supplies could see an improvement, but it might not last all that long.

The USDA says placements of broiler type chicks into meat production last week were 190.988 million head, up on the week and 1% above a year ago, with those birds heading to slaughter in early 2024.

However, sets of broiler type eggs into incubators were below the previous week and slightly less than last year at 239.856 million, with those chicks bound for meat production in the second half of January.

Average hatchability continued to hang around 80%.

The USDA’s next set of annual broiler production projections is out January 12th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Sets: 24.569 million eggs, compared to 24.531 million a week ago; Placements: 21.583 million head, compared to 21.106 million last week

Kentucky: Sets: 6.936 million eggs, compared to 6.799 million a week ago; Placements: 28.688 million head, compared to 28.86 million last week

Missouri: Sets: 8.585 million eggs, compared to 8.746 million a week ago; Placements: 5.828 million head, compared to 5.382 million last week

California/Tennessee/West Virginia: Sets: 13.651 million eggs, compared to 13.587 million a week ago; Placements: 12.661 million head, compared to 12.398 million last week

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