Broiler sets, placements decline

U.S. broiler-type egg sets and placements are pointing to tighter supplies.

The USDA says U.S. hatcheries put 233 million broiler-type eggs into incubators last week, 4% less than last year, while hatchability was just over 80%, with those chickens being placed for meat production starting in mid-October.

Broiler-type placements for meat production were 2% lower, with the year date pace 1% slower than 2022.

The USDA’s next set of annual broiler production estimates is scheduled for October 12th, but that could change if the Federal government shuts down.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Sets: 23.895 million, compared to 23.967 million last week; Placements: 20.635 million, compared to 20.598 million a week ago

Kentucky: Sets: 6.688 million, compared to 6.769 million last week; Placements: 4.927 million, compared to 5.201 million a week ago

Missouri: Sets: 8.798 million, compared to 8.741 million last week; Placements: 6.031 million, compared to 5.163 million a week ago

California/Tennessee/West Virginia: Sets: 13.31 million, compared to 13.22 million last week; Placements: 11.713 million, compared to 11.814 million a week ago

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