Broiler sets, placements extend lower trend

Broiler egg sets and placements continue to trend below a year ago as the industry responds to declining demand expectations while improving prices.

The USDA says 230.167 million broiler type eggs were set into incubators last week, nearly 4 million lower than the previous week and 3% under last year.

Hatchability did see a slight week-to-week improvement, continuing to hold above 80%.

Placements of broiler type chicks into meat production were 177.491 million head, up just under a million on the week, but down 4% on the year.

The industry is monitoring the spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and the potential for further declines in production.

The USDA’s next set of annual poultry production projections is scheduled for December 8th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Sets: 22.326 million eggs, compared to 21.746 million a week ago; Placements: 18.483 million head, compared to 18.934 million last week

Kentucky: Sets: 6.059 million eggs, compared to 5.959 million a week ago; Placements: 4.985 million head, compared to 5.022 million last week

Missouri: Sets: 8.74 million eggs, compared to 8.398 million a week ago; Placements: 4.847 million head, compared to 5.315 million last week

California/Tennessee/West Virginia: Sets: 12.384 million eggs, compared to 12.274 million a week ago; Placements: 11.394 million head, compared to 12.005 million last week

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