Butter and barrel sales up, blocks and whey down

April sales for butter and barrel cheese were up while volumes of block cheese, whey, and nonfat dry milk were down.

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service says 5.18 million pounds of butter sold last week, and 16 million pounds for the month.  The average price rose from $2.97 to $3.05 per pound.

The latest National Dairy Product Sales Report shows more than 10.6 million pounds of block Cheddar cheese sold last week, and more than 41 million pounds were sold during May.  The average price for blocks was $1.90 per pound, up thirty-two cents a pound from a month ago.  Sales volumes were about two million pounds less than they were at the end of April.

Barrel cheese sales saw steady growth in May and were just over a million barrels higher than April, with more than 49 million pounds sold.  The prices received for 500-pound barrels adjusted to 38 percent moisture averaged $2.01 per pound. The US price per pound increased 12.7 cents from the previous week and is about $0.38 cents higher than a month ago.

Dry whey picked up last week after three weeks of fewer sales.  There was 27.3 million pounds of whey sold in May with an average price of $0.40 cents per pound.

Nonfat dry milk sales totaled 77.3 million pounds in May, with sales dropping a little in each of the last four weeks.  The average price for May is $1.14 per pound compared to $1.11 at the end of April.

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