Carbon practices driving an increase in net farm income

An agronomist says growers who implement carbon farming practices are seeing a boost in their bottom lines. 

John Shanahan with Agoro Carbon Alliance tells Brownfield a survey of 100 farmers said it raised their net farm income. “Often times when farmers adopt practices such as no till and cover cropping, they’re increasing organic matter,” Shanahan says. “Organic matter has a lot of benefits. It improves nitrogen cycling so you see more nitrogen mineralized so you have to apply less nitrogen fertilizer.”

Shanahan says the results from the Soil Health Institute showed farmers saw an average increase of $50 an acre for corn and $25 an acre for soybeans.

And, he says carbon practices are likely to reduce input costs and increase yields. “Organic matter in soil also helps capture more water and store it.  In periods of drought, it will benefit the cash crop because it will be able to sustain yields where the conservation practice (hadn’t) been implemented.”

Shanhan spoke with Brownfield during the 2021 Nebraska Ag Expo.

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