Case made for expanding Controlled Environment Agriculture

House Ag Committee
chairman David Scott says controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is critical in protecting domestic food supply chains and infrastructure. “There is nothing more important than maintaining our food security,” said Scott at a recent House Ag hearing.

Karim Giscombe with PLANT-AG based in Florida says congressional financial support is critical, “If we want to ensure no other country such as China or Russia or Mexico or even Canada can control our fresh produce supply it is absolutely necessary to decrease our reliance on these imports which currently top some 53% of consumption.”

He says a swift increase in the scale of controlled environment ag production in this country is needed and points to USDA’s recent guidance on increasing food prices, “Later this year when lettuce prices skyrocket because of the California droughts, it is the American consumer who YOU represent that will be the ones impacted, again.”

Controlled environment agriculture involves the latest technology to grow produce indoors year round away from pathogens and extreme weather, “You reduce about 96% of the risk of the contaminants from the airborne pathogens and bacteria. You’re also no longer susceptible to any kind of weather conditions.”

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