Cattle groups concerned about USDA allowing Brazilian beef imports

U.S. beef producers are not pleased with the USDA’s decision to allow imports of Brazilian beef.

Shortly after the USDA made the decision to allow Brazilian beef imports Friday, the major U.S. cattle organizations spoke out against it. 

Bill Bullard with R-CALF USA tells Brownfield he is not convinced Brazilian beef is safe. He says, “Brazil was caught shipping tainted beef around the world in the export market and unfortunately, the United States was one of the last countries to close its borders to fresh Brazilian beef even knowing that this activity was going on.”

Kent Bacus with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association shares that concern. “This is never good news that you want to hear, especially when we have all of these concerns about Brazil’s repeated history of food safety violations and animal health issues. It’s never a comforting message whenever you hear that now they’re going to have access into your market.”

Bacus says the U.S. has the highest standards in the world, and giving Brazil market access also allows them to pursue other world markets based on U.S. acceptance.

R-CALF USA plans to ask Congress to help stop the imports. 

Kent Bacus with NCBA discusses USDA decision to allow Brazilian beef imports 2/24/2020
Bill Bullard with R-CALF USA discusses USDA decision to allow Brazilian beef imports 2/24/2020
  • This needs to be STOPPED ASAP. Since this January of 2020 Feeders have come down about $20.00 a hundred, that’s $100.00 or more per calf. Now to hear about this glut of poor quality beef we see another $10.00 off in two days.

  • Allowing Brazil to ship into U S is a disgrace and slap in the face to us beef producers. They burn the Amazon pay little or no wages look who owns JBS controlling interest we are suffering enough. Trump better do something or a backlash is coming. We got too stand up. Wake up cattleman’s association.

  • This country is a joke, we let these Packers import this krappy beef, package it and call it USA beef, it destroys the price of our quality domestic product but makes the Packers “richer” . Even China supports it’s own domestically produced products “grain and meat” and doesn’t allow imported products to destroy thier domestic prices of what they grow. Then when some idiot consumer gets sick from some Brazil beef packed and sold here as a USA product, we take it in the shorts again when our demand gets destroyed because the farmer gets blamed. Wake up America !!!

  • The importation of Brazil beef is more than a slap in the face to US cattle folks; it is an insult to US consumers who do not trust the industry; but think about the Olympics & the Associate Press release of the row team that feel in the lake & got sick. Do folks in Washington not get that virus & fecal matter was the cause of sick US team; what do they think the cattle have to drink if the people do not have clean water.

  • Trump & Team need to put a stop Brazilian beef policy ASAP.
    Contact your Representatives and voice your concern.
    Where are the save the Amazon rainforest folks?

  • Good luck since JBS (Brazilian owned) is the single largest meat packer in the US and also controls the Cattleman’s Association. Plus Add the fact there is NO country of origin on labels. Oh and don’t forget the Cattleman’s Association publicly supported the bill that supported ownership of Missouri land by foreign corporations.

  • What are we gonna do about it fellas. I don’t raise cattle anymore, but I think I understand what you’re going through. We are gonna have to find someone who knows how make one of them online petitions. If we can collect a hundred thousand signatures, then the President or Congress will have to address it. That’s the way the rules work!

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