Cattle producers face headwinds, but opportunities are ahead

The cattle industry could be facing a turning point following this liquidation cycle. Norman Voyles, a cow/calf producer from central Indiana says there are some really tough decisions for producers moving forward.  

He says the cattle industry could look a lot different on the other side of this liquidation cycle. “Because of the average age of beef producers there are a lot of folks who aren’t going to come back in producing beef,” he says.  “We’re not going to build back up to the level that we were prior to this liquidation starting.  We’re going to be at some place lower than that point.” 

AUDIO: Norman Voyles, Indiana cow/calf producer

While producers are facing headwinds, Tim Schwab a cow/calf operator and backgrounder from eastern Indiana tells Brownfield there are opportunities ahead.  “The cattle numbers are lower right now,” he says.  “But the demand for beef is still higher.  We’ve got a great product.  I think after we get through this liquidation cycle I think the prices and profits in beef are going to be good for a long time.”

AUDIO: Tim Schwab, Indiana cattle producer

Brownfield interviewed Voyles and Schwab from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Summer Business Meeting in San Diego, California.  

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