Cautious optimism for sustainable aviation fuels

The chief marketing officer of the American Coalition for Ethanol is cautiously optimistic about the sustainable aviation fuel market.

Ron Lamberty says the most interest seems to be in Europe and the U.S.

“It’s one of those things that could be enormous, or it could be maybe very little because we don’t have any idea what the rules are.”

He tells Brownfield it’s difficult to project market potential while there are still questions about what feedstocks will be used and how the industry would be governed.

“Aviation fuel is a huge volume and it’s great potential, but we just don’t have a real good understanding about what’s going to be allowed and what kind of credits you can get and how much it costs, and how much you can make.”

The Biden administration has announced goals of producing 3 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel a year by 2030 and 35 billion gallons a year by 2050.

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