Censky: the nation’s soybean growers want to see improved RFS volumes

The CEO of American Soybean Association says the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes miss the mark by not recognizing expected growth in biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Steve Censky says it sends signals to flatline the industry over the next few years.

“It locks us in for the next three years and so that’s why it’s so important that we really improve those numbers,” he says. “The EPA analysis based a lot of the volumes on its concerns about feedstock availability. They didn’t account for the crush expansion that is happening.”

Congress created the RFS program in 2005 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand the nation’s renewable fuels sector, and reduce reliance on imported oil.

Censky says the proposal doesn’t support this intention.  

“We see that biodiesel and renewable diesel are an opportunity right now for this administration to help decarbonize the fuel supply. It’s an answer today to address climate change, which the administration is very much concerned about,” he says. “It’s to grow our energy independence. It’s going to add jobs in rural America and add to investment in the United States, and in rural America in particular.”

A growing biodiesel and renewable diesel industry benefits the soybean growers providing soybean oil, the primary feedstock used in the fuels.

In December, the EPA released its proposed Renewable Volume Obligations for 2023, 2024, and 2025.

“It is a proposed rule. We’re going to be very much engaged with the administration and with congress and try to change that,” he says. “Hopefully we can have a lot better numbers, but we have our work cut out for us.”

The public comment period on the rule ends Feb. 10.

Brownfield interviewed Censky during the recent Clean Fuels Conference in Tampa.


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