Census shows fewer Wisconsin farms have Internet access

The newly released USDA Census of Agriculture shows Wisconsin farms are still struggling to get Internet access.

USDA statistician Greg Bussler says a higher percentage of farms had access to the Internet in 2022 compared to 2017. “In 2022, 79% of Wisconsin farms had Internet access with mobile Internet being the biggest way that farmers accessed the Internet.” Seventy-six percent of Wisconsin farms had Internet access in 2017.

But, Bussler says the actual number of Wisconsin farms with Internet access fell by 3,221.  “The number in 2022 went down to 46,091 farms but the percentage went up because the number of farms dropped.”

Bussler says Wisconsin lost 10% of its farming operations between 2017 and 2022, falling from around 64-thousand farms to only 58,521 in five years.

He says 59% of Wisconsin farmers responding to the 2022 Census of Agriculture are getting their Internet from a mobile provider, while 53% have broadband access. Bussler says some farmers have access to both.

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