CFAP: Grains are covered, grasses are not

The USDA has clarified which forage crops are eligible for payments with the Coronavirus Food Assistance Act.  Wisconsin FSA Director Sandy Chalmers tells Brownfield some forages don’t qualify. “Grass hay and alfalfa are not eligible for CFAP payment.”

Chalmers says the key to having a forage crop qualify is if that crop has grain or a grain equivalent. “Hay and silage is eligible when it incorporates a grain that’s covered by CFAP, and those covered commodities are corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, barley, and grain sorghum.”

And, Chalmers says that means high moisture corn also qualifies for payment. “There again, you would use a formula to convert that to an industry standard. For corn, that would be fifteen-and-a-half percent, and those formulas are readily available through FSA or Extension.”

Chalmers says USDA is still working on some of the producer questions and issues surrounding CFAP qualifications including some specialty crops and how to manage production figures for seasonal dairies.

Wisconsin FSA Director Sandy Chalmers discusses what forage crops are allowed and which ones are not eligible for CFAP payments

6/3/20 Update: The University of Wisconsin has a new web resource for producers to help make CFAP program decisions here.

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