Cherry production lower, cranberry production higher in 2023

Tart cherry production was down in the United States last year.  Overall, 41 million fewer pounds were produced in 2023, with just 200.2 million pounds grown.  USDA says there was about one-thousand fewer acres in production, and yield-per-acre was about one-thousand pounds per acre less than 2022.

Michigan leads the nation in tart cherry production with more than thirteen times the acreage and four times the production of second-place Utah.  Wisconsin ranks third in cherry production.  Michigan produced 133 million pounds of tart cherries last year.  Utah had 32.7 million pounds, and Wisconsin had 10 million pounds produced. 

The U.S. average price for fresh tart cherries was lower than 2022 at $1.62 per pound.  Cherry production was valued at 22.5 million dollars in Michigan, 7.8 million dollars in Utah, and 1.8 million dollars in Wisconsin.

2023 cranberry production was slightly higher than 2022.  USDA says total U.S. production was 8.11 million barrels compared to just over 8 million the year before.

Wisconsin leads the nation in production with five million of those barrels grown on just over 19 thousand acres.  Wisconsin had more 200-thousand more barrels of cranberries in 2023, on 400 fewer acres.  Massachusetts ranks second in production, followed by New Jersey and Oregon.

U.S. cranberry prices were higher in 2023 than the previous year, with fresh berries selling for $102 dollars per barrel compared to $80.90 per barrel in 2022.  The value of processed berries fell by about ten million dollars compared to 2022.  The 2023 total cranberry production was valued at 301.1 million dollars, with 187.2 million dollars’ worth, or 62% coming from Wisconsin.

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