China blocks beef from US plant over detection of ractopamine

China has blocked beef imports from the JBS Greeley, Colorado plant, according to a notice on the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection website.

FSIS says China has a zero-tolerance policy for ractopamine in beef products.  Under current rules, facilities may be suspended for initial ractopamine findings during testing upon arrival. A spokesperson from FSIS says ractopamine was detected by customs in China in a batch of frozen beef omasum products that were exported. The products were destroyed in accordance with the country’s regulations. The omasum is the third stomach of a ruminant animal. FSIS says it is conducting an investigation.

The plant was delisted on Monday (May 27, 2024) and is not eligible for export to the country until further notices. Also delisted was Cool Port Oakland, a cold-storage facility in California.

Ractopamine is a feed additive used to improve production efficiency in livestock, and its use has been banned or restricted in at least 160 countries, including China and the European Union.

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