China removes all U.S. poultry restrictions, releases tariff waiver list

China has lifted all restrictions on U.S. poultry and related products, along with listing which U.S. products will be eligible for tariff waivers.

China’s General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a statement saying all poultry restrictions are immediately gone, including the import of breeding birds.  China has been trying to ramp up poultry production because of the meat shortage caused by African Swine Fever.

China also published a new list of 696 U.S. products eligible for waivers from retaliatory tariffs as part of the phase-one trade deal.  It includes pork, soybeans, beef, corn, wheat, and several wood products.  The new list also includes modified ethanol and other alcohols, crude oil, and liquified natural gas,

The newly-released Chinese list of products eligible for tariff waivers includes milk and cream with a solid content under 1.5%, whey, modified whey, lactose, and infant formula but doesn’t specifically name dairy foods like cheese or butter.

The movement of American products might still take time as the Coronavirus continues to impact trade.  China still has livestock moving restrictions, and its farmers have been unable to sell to many restaurants, which remain closed by the government.

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