China to exempt some feed products from tariffs

China plans to exempt some animal feed, among other products, from additional tariffs. The lists of exemptions include whey for feed and fish meal for feed.

U.S. Dairy Export Council CEO Tom Vilsack told Brownfield, after returning from China, that permeate whey proteins can be used to help rebuild their hog herd which has been devasted by African Swine Fever, “Perhaps as much as 50% of their hogs have been destroyed and impacted by African Swine Fever. We think we can use permeate whey proteins to help them rebuild that industry more quickly.”

USDEC will offer seminars in October in China on how whey products can help swine health.

The exemption of 16 types of U.S. products is to go into effect September 17th and last for a year.

Face to face talks between the U.S. and China are said to take place in early October but the White House has not released a date.

~Brownfield’s Nicole Heslip contributed to this story

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