Too cold, too quick could be a problem for seed producers

A seed company representative says this year of unusually wet and cool weather might impact next year’s seeds.  Alex Renk from Renk Seeds says cold weather too soon would be a huge problem.  “We’re just hoping that it gets a lot warmer and the heat to finish it off because, for seed production, we can’t let our corn freeze.  If we get a frost on a corn production field, it’s done.  It’s garbage to us.”

Alex Renk

Renk says soybeans can take the cold a little better than corn.  “Soybeans look alright.  They can freeze.  They’ve got a little ways to go but it’s been a good August.  So far, we’ve got enough rain and the rain usually makes the yields on soybeans, provided it comes in August, so they look pretty good so far.”

Even though it’s been a wet, cool year with a lot of late planting, Renk is thinking positive about the crop.  “We really haven’t had a short fall for a long time like we used to in the ’70’s and ’80’s, so I’m optimistic.  I think we’re going to be okay.”

He says getting the corn finished and dry will be the biggest challenge this year.

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