Congress and ag groups seek balanced relationship with China

Representative Darin LaHood says Congress is working to create a more balanced relationship between the US and China.

The Illinois Republican tells Brownfield trade with China remains strong but, “China has a plan to replace the United States, and they’re working at that every single day. Frankly, China has not abided by the same rules and standards that every other industrialized country in the world has, and so there is a real movement in Congress to go after the CCP.”

LaHood is a member of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party which he says is tasked with determining, “How to balance that economic relationship as it relates to corn and soybeans and many of our commodities that we ship to China and rely on, but also dealing with a communist nation that doesn’t abide by the standards that we have in our country related to human rights and the environment.”

A group of US ag organizations recently sent a letter to 2024 presidential candidates urging them to prioritize new trade agreements to decrease dependence on China. The groups also requested leaders hold China accountable in a way that does not threaten US agriculture’s largest export market or result in retaliatory tariffs.

Audio: Interview with Darin LaHood

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