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The Armfield Moyers Round Barn in Howard County.On the grounds of the Howard County fair in Greentown, Ind. stands the last round barn in the county.  Greentown farmer Denny Maple says it took a lot of work to get the barn placed on the fairgrounds.  “The barn was actually built in 1909 in eastern Howard County,” he says.  “The family that owned the barn couldn’t take care of it anymore and they gave it to the Lion’s Club.  Through some generous donations of local businesses and private entities we were able to move the barn to our fairgrounds into the Pioneer Village.”

He tells Brownfield the barn represents agriculture’s history in Howard County and is a great way to tell the story of agriculture.  “As young people come in here and look at the barn, and even older folks they reminisce about how things were in the past,” he says.  “As each generation gets further removed from the family farm it gives us the opportunity to educate them about what farming is about.”

You can learn more about the Armfield Moyers Round barn by visiting the Howard County Fair.

The fair is open daily through Saturday.

AUDIO: Denny Maple, Howard County Fair (3:00mp3)

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