Consider lessons learned in recent years when planning for ’23  

Photo by AgReliant Genetics

An agronomist is encouraging farmers to look beyond this year’s tough growing season when making decisions for 2023.

Kris Young with AgriGold recommends considering crop performance over several years.

“I always recommend looking at multi-year data on how this product has done over the years,” he says. “This year was more of a defensive product type of year and so those products ran to the top. Next year will most likely will be a little better, we hope, and so you still want to keep some of those offensive products in there but make sure you have a good product mix on the farm.”

Yields varied for many farmers in 2022 because of record heat and drought in parts of the Corn Belt.

He tells Brownfield there are some things farmers can do now to prepare for the upcoming season.

“Discounts are being offered. I think I’d be taking advantage of that to try to save some money. Input prices are high and supply challenges continue to be an issue in a lot of areas within the agriculture industry,” he says. “Keep in mind if you wait you may not get (the product) you want, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of those early discounts, try to save a little money, and get what you want. Of course, there are a lot of decisions that will probably be made at planting depending on how the weather goes and that’s okay. A lot of companies will trade out some products and work with you.”

Brownfield interviewed Young during the 2022 NAFB Trade Talk.

Audio: Kris Young

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