Consumer demand driving natural feed solutions

Regulations and consumer demand are transforming animal protein production and paving the way for natural mineral-based feed additives.

Dr. Wade Robey is the vice president of marketing and product development for Amlan International.  

“There certainly is tighter regulatory control around the world which is causing antibiotics to be removed or more tightly controlled,” he says. “But then secondly consumers are having a stronger impact pulling through the value chain, a demand for food grown without the use of antibiotics, without the use of harsh chemicals.”  

The company has introduced natural mineral-based feed additives for producers and vertical integrators in the U.S.  

Robey says the market for natural solutions is growing rapidly.

“We’re seeing more operations go to no antibiotic ever but even the ones that are still feeding antibiotics periodically prophylactically recognize the risk of resistance and are trying to transfer to more natural solutions or solutions that are fully natural like ours,” he says. “That will allow them to still get the same performance they were expecting but have a much more sustainable production. So, it’s growing very rapidly.”

In 2022, Amlan International says it’s poised for tremendous growth opportunities with its mineral-based animal health solutions.

Food Safety and inspection Service-regulated meat and poultry is regularly tested for antibiotic resides under the National Residue Program. The program ensures the safety of U.S. meat, poultry, and egg products.

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