Continuous E15 availability requires emergency waiver now

The President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association says farmers and the fuel industry need the Biden administration to decide now if they will grant another summertime E15 emergency waiver.

Geoff Cooper says, “We’re getting to crunch time.” He tells Brownfield that waiting too long to issue the waiver impacts consumers and the entire supply chain. “If we don’t have an answer, retailers, marketers, and blenders, the entire supply chain is going to move ahead with the operating assumption that E15 will not be allowed this summer, so if the administration has plans otherwise, we need to hear that pretty soon.”

Cooper says on May 1st, every terminal that blends gasoline with ethanol needs to be in compliance with summer-grade gasoline specifications, and not knowing if there will be an E15 waiver forces the supply chain to plan as if there will be no E15 blending waiver. “That’s three weeks away, and again, they need to know what gasoline blend stock to use, they need to know how much ethanol storage to have reserved, they need to know whether they can blend E15 at the terminal, so we need some answers really soon here.”

Cooper says during the last few years, it’s been mid-April when the emergency waivers were approved.  He’s hopeful the administration will let everyone know very soon what the plan is for the coming summer.

Along with the low carbon benefits, Cooper says having E15 during the summer driving season offers families some relief from high summertime gas prices.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has said he expects the Biden administration will issue the summertime emergency E15 waiver, but EPA has not acted yet.

AUDIO: Geoff Cooper discusses E15 and the emergency waiver issues with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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