“Control the controllables” when it comes to nutrient management

Crop farmers are encouraged to control the controllables when it comes to nutrient management.

Jim Lappin with AMVAC says soil testing provides can identify shortcomings or even a surplus of any given nutrient.

“Whether it’s a macronutrient or a micronutrient. And they all work together, right. It’s not just about nutrient A or B, it’s about getting the right balance. And for years with macronutrients we’ve used the 4R’s, right place, right time, right rate, (right source).”

He tells Brownfield that approach is now becoming more popular with micronutrients as farmers move away from flat rate applications of products like zinc.

“We’ve seen a lot of growers who are taking that baselevel program and then they’re looking at their fertility, and they’re supplementing in those zones that call for incremental additional micronutrients where that can benefit them for a yield perspective.”

Lappin says harvest data gives farmers great insights into how to refine nutrient management for the following growing season.

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