Cookies cut cow feed costs

A Wisconsin dairy farmer is lowering his cost of production with an unusual feed ingredient.  Dave Daniels and his multi-family dairy partnership are using cookie waste to replace some of the corn silage and more expensive feed additives. “The dry matter content is probably in that 90-92%, somewhere in there, so it’s going to be a product that will compensate for maybe some corn usage and maybe some other oil or fat substitutes, so that should work out for us.”

Daniels has around 500 dairy cattle and tells Brownfield the cookie waste will provide about five pounds per animal per day, which cuts back on feed costs and helps the environment. “This product has really been kind of thrown away to a certain extent, or put in a landfill so you know, dairy cows can use a lot of things that we can get out of the waste system.”

Daniels says his herd also uses brewers’ grains and corn gluten feed as part of the ration to help lower feed costs, which he says is very important with today’s tight margins. 

Daniels is one of the farmers operating Mighty Grand Dairy near Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Audio: Dave Daniels discusses using cookie waste in the dairy ration with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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