Corn and soybeans are drying down quickly in SD

An agronomist with South Dakota State University Extension says he is expecting an early corn harvest starting in a week to 10 days.

Jonathan Kleinjan says the corn is drying down fast and he is expecting a variable crop. Silage chopping has been happening over the last few weeks.

“Yields around here have been ok near Brookings County, but it’s been variable, especially moving south. A friend of mine from northwest Iowa says corn yields have been anywhere from 20 to 170 bushels/acre.”

Kleinjan says wet corn for earlage will be harvested next.

In its latest crop progress report, USDA says South Dakota’s corn is rated 44% good to excellent with 9% of the crop mature. The soybean crop is rated 46% good to excellent with 21% of the crop dropping leaves. Sorghum conditions are rated 49% good to excellent with 8% of the crop mature.

USDA says sunflower conditions are 46% good to excellent with 5% of the bracts turning yellow.

Kleinjan says the weather at the end of the summer has been feast or famine for all crops.

“It seems like we go through a period of really dry weather for a month and then, we get a nice rain and things look good only to get dry again,” he says. “I thought things looked really good the first week of August and I thought we’d have a nice soybean crop, then things dried out and we’ve had these flash droughts.”

Amid the weather changes, spring wheat harvest is nearing completion and 8% of the winter wheat planting complete in South Dakota.

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