Corn and soybeans “going backwards” in extreme heat

A southeast Minnesota farmer is concerned this week’s extreme heat is reducing yield potential.

Jim O’Connor grows corn and soybeans near Blooming Prairie.

“We are going backwards, and we’re going backwards in a big way.”

He tells Brownfield temperatures have been in the triple digits and it’s been dry.

“Any time that thermometer hits the 100-degree mark and we have no moisture, things are drying up. There’s just nothing we can do about it.”

O’Connor says crops are faring better on the heavier ground.

“Any place there’s any sandy soil it’s just going backwards in a big way. The corn is shrinking down, the soybeans are shrinking down and actually dying as we speak.”

He says the hot, dry conditions are accelerating crop development and harvest will begin earlier than normal. 

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