Corn, soybean farmers say upgrades to infrastructure still an urgent need

Upgrading America’s infrastructure remains a priority for corn and soybean growers at the 2022 Commodity Classic.

Iowa farmer and Iowa Corn Growers Association President Lance Lillibridge tells Brownfield says it’s becoming more difficult to transport grain and supplies. “Our roads and bridges definitely need attention and we got to keep all that up. Our rail, too, the rail is an extremely important piece to moving all goods.”

Kansas soybean grower and Kansas Soybean Association President Teresea Brandenburg says she has her doubts about the infrastructure bill. “We’re hoping some of that input is going to bring some of that revitalization to those rural areas, especially.”

Brandon Hunnicutt, a farmer from Nebraska on the Nebraska Corn Growers Association Board, says there’s a need for more ports and better locks and dams. “You’re seeing some stuff develop along the Missouri River as well to unload ships so we can start moving that as well.”

Ohio farmer Jeff Sollars says there have been improvements to locks and dams on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. “It should help improve our markets, especially our river market. It used to be really, really strong but in the last several years it’s kind of been hit or miss.”

The growers made their comments to Brownfield at the 2022 Commodity Classic.

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