Corteva’s Tolvera herbicide to provide effective weed control in cereal crops

Small grain farmers will soon have another option for controlling weeds.

Corteva Agriscience U.S. crop protection product manager for cereal herbicides Drew Clark says the EPA has registered Tolvera herbicide for the 2025 growing season.

“The novel chemistry from Corteva for the cereals market that’s going to provide effective broadleaf and foxtail weed control in cereal crops.”

He tells Brownfield Tolvera will help prevent herbicide resistance and provide rotation flexibility for spring and winter wheat, durum, and barley growers.

“Tolvera is going to allow crop rotations, active lentils, peas, potatoes, canola, soybeans, offering a nine month plant back to most major crops.”

Clark says Tolvera herbicide provides farmers with tank-mix flexibility for ease of use, along with excellent control of many challenging weeds including kochia and waterhemp. 

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