Costco/LPP chicken plant in Nebraska on schedule for September start-up

Brownfield’s Ken Anderson interviewed Lincoln Premium Poultry CEO Walt Shafer last week at an open house for new pullet barns near Allen, Nebraska.

Construction of the Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP) chicken plant in eastern Nebraska was not impacted by the recent flooding, according to LPP CEO Walt Shafer.

“I’m happy to report that all of our facilities in Fremont did not have any water in them or any water damage,” Shafer says.

The plant is still on schedule for a September 3rd start-up, Schafer says, but it will take some time to reach full production. “We’re not starting it at full speed. It’s based on a 45-week ramp-up from essentially start to full production.”

Shafer says 90 of the anticipated 500 chicken barns are currently built or under some form of construction, with many more scheduled to start this spring.

“We’re getting ready to start what I call Phase 2 of our construction with our growers,” he says. “We’re going to be very, very busy there, scheduling these farmers in and getting their houses built, to meet our ramp-up schedule starting in September.”

Shafer spoke with Brownfield last week at the grand opening of three new pullet barns on the Borg farm near Allen, Nebraska.

AUDIO: Walt Shafer

  • Very interesting to know that the utmost care in animal treatment is given in this complex venture—-the volume of grain, feed, hatchery, breeder flock, processing, and timing is stunning with so many out lying barns to be coordinated with the expected end result——-I will be following the process

  • Following what walt shafer left in nc while at piligrim pride just ask Tim harrington and a few other growers I take a polygraph if walt and a few more will about how 1 grower had money sent to him from mr shafer the grow out manager terry tomblin took the money to his spacial grower and it’s coming to Nebraska

  • I like to leave my comment up and see what the world thinks when u leave poultry growers out at the end it’s hard just like mr Shaffer left the 1 in nc and a few more empty after helping 1 grower that did favors I can take a polygraph if they will and we show how things are really are for poultry growers we even went to farm bureau in Raleigh nc and said no law pass to help grower I hope and pray Nebraska help the growers because walt Shaffer will not be careful

  • Now that LPP is open. Does anyone know the process indoors of plant?!
    Does anyone know what PAA is? Can someone help me understand. I worked there for a short time. While employed I was advised by a supervisor “When USDA is not looking put these chickens back on the line” He was referring to bad chickens after coming through injector. Bad meaning they had bruises, feathers, an cuts in skin. These chickens (per USDA)
    where suppose to be thrown away TRASH!!!!
    Knowing weather or not to throw a chicken away was designated by trash cans. White=edible/Combinable
    Red=disposing of, not reusable in any way…. My supervisor by the name of Shane O’ Connor, told me and another co-worker on two different occasions “When USDA isn’t looking put these chickens back on the line”
    I was in fear of losing my job as was my co-worker. If caught by USDA we could’ve be terminated.
    The next week some time around 11/14/19 I took it upon my self to go tell USDA inspectors. When I arrived at work USDA was not there. I spoke with the gentleman that did our orientation. Grant P. (part of HR) I expressed my concerns to him for the community purchasing the chickens, and about my an my co-workers job security/stability.
    Grant told me to “Let HR handle it, USDA would take it more seriously if HR said something about it than an employee”
    This same morning I put on my PEE an entered through processing area, washed my hands, put on my gloves, an began to prepare for the day.
    It was early. As I arrived early to speak w/USDA prior to starting my shift (prox. 7:30-7:45 to 8am. I saw Jeff the USDA inspector for my line. I was with my co-worker. I asked if I should speak with him. She said if you don’t nothing will change.
    I went up to Jeff introduced myself. I asked him “ After chickens go through injector an they are bad chicken, bruises, feathers, split or open skin, where do there’s chickens go”?
    “Do they go back on the line”?
    He said “Oh No, they go in the trash, in the red trash/buckets”
    I explained my supervisor by the name of Shane O’ Connor, told me an a co-worker on different occasions “WHEN USDA IS NOT LOOKING PUT THESE CHICKENS BACK ON THE LINE”!!!
    Jeff replied “I’ve heard enough I’ll take care of it”
    I did what I thought was right. Our supervisory team are suppose to be people we look up to. The very pride an soul of LPP. An more than anything I was in fear. I would lose my job due to being taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge. As I was a new hire. At first it seem as if I did a very stand up thing. Our supervisor apologized to me an my co-worker after word got around. The problems didn’t come till almost 6 weeks in. I have kidney issues. I brought a doctors note for frequent bathroom breaks. After a week of having the note as it had no end date. I was called into HR by my supervisor Shane O’ Connor. I was informed by HR an Shane first (even though I gave it directly to her) that no record of doctors note was on file. Then I was told, even with doctors note stating I had to go frequently?!!! I was to clock in & out to use the restroom. I just kept repeating BUT I HAVE A DOCTORS NOTE!! It says frequently.
    Why am I being punished for a medical condition I can’t control???!!! Shane stated I went to much. I reiterated “It says frequently” Shane told me that I was gone to the bathroom 20minutes the day before. I asked for documentation of that before I committed to clocking in & out for restroom even with a doctors note. This documentation was never provided. In the end I resigned off of the advice of my attorney.
    While working there less than two months. I am 41 yrs old an I now have to carry around an inhaler. This is believed to be caused by constant exposure to PAA. Of which they clean chickens with. Of which we are exposed to our entire shift.
    As after my cat scan (for kidneys) there was “Something at the bottom of my lungs”
    I am healthy. I have not ever had breathing issues. I am a former body builder and life nutrition coach. I have always been healthy an fit. After working there I have asthma & terrible issues with sleep & sleeping.
    I would highly recommend anyone considering working at LPP look at risk verses reward.!!!! Nothing pays enough to risk your health or being there for your family.
    They have a wonderful health plan. That takes affect after only 30 days.
    Take advantage of it YOUR GOING TO NEED IT!!!

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