Cotton growers can still enroll 2022 crop in Trust Protocol

Grower participation in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has more than doubled since the program began in 2020.

Tillman White, operations manager of the Trust Protocol says the program continues to provide increased access to sustainably grown cotton.  “Our end-use customers in the past few years have been pressured to know where their fiber is being sourced,” he says.  “What kind of environmental impact does it have?  That pressure has forced some of our brands and retailers to create preferred fiber lists.”

Producers enrolled in the Trust Protocol are eligible to participate in the Climate Smart Cotton Program, which provides technical and financial assistance to 1,650 U.S. cotton farmers with acres available for Climate Smart practice changes.

He tells Brownfield U.S. cotton growers still have the opportunity to enroll their 2022 crop into the program.  “The deadline for 2022 enrollment is at the end of March 2023,” he says.  “There’s still plenty of time for our producers to go in, complete enrollment, and even sign up. If they’re new to the protocol they can learn about the program and enroll and upload bales into the system.”

The Trust Protocol has more than 1,100 brand, retailer, mill, and manufacturing members. 

Growers should enroll and complete their data entry at by March 31st.

Enrollment for the 2023 crop will open the second week of April.

AUDIO: Tillman White, US Cotton Trust Protocol

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