Cotton production dropped in 2023

The USDA says domestic upland cotton production fell sharply from 2022 to 2023.

That followed a significant decrease in planted area and a big drop in yield due to weather issues in some key growing areas.

The upland crop last year totaled 11.75 million bales, 2.248 million below the year before that, with the yield at 895 pounds per acre, a decline of 50, and an 812,000 acre drop in harvested area.

Planted area was 10.083 million acres, a decrease of 3.484 million from 2022.

That decline in production along with an increase in domestic use pulled old crop U.S. ending stocks slightly lower, but the USDA is expecting a bigger crop this year, pushing new crop ending stocks higher, even with higher domestic and export guesses.

Old crop U.S. rice ending stocks fell on a larger rough rice export estimate, with new crop stocks expected to be higher because of increased production and imports canceling out an anticipated gain in exports.

The USDA’s next round of supply, demand, and production numbers is out June 12th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Production: 1.362 million bales, compared to 1.548 million in 2022; Yield: 1,295 pounds per acre, compared to 1,189 a year ago; Harvested Area: 505,000 acres, compared to 625,000 last year

Kansas: Production: 149,000 bales, compared to 166,000 in 2022; Yield: 761 pounds per acre, compared to 586 a year ago; Harvested Area: 94,000 acres, compared to 136,000 last year

Missouri: Production: 936,000 bales, compared to 878,000 in 2022; Yield: 1,361 pounds per acre, compared to 1,240 a year ago; Harvested Area: 330,000 acres, compared to 340,000 last year

Tennessee: Production: 677,000 bales, compared to 713,000 in 2022; Yield: 1,250 pounds per acre, compared to 1,053 a year ago; Harvested Area: 260,000 acres, compared to 325,000 last year

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