Cotton, rice acres rise

The USDA anticipates higher cotton and rice planted area.

Upland cotton acres are seen at 10.47 million, up 4% on the year, with static to higher planted area for most states.

Acreage for all types of rice is projected at 2.932 million acres, 1% more than a year ago, as expected increases for long and short grain rice just cancel out a probable decrease in medium grain.

These projections are subject to change and will likely be impacted by weather.

The USDA’s weekly crop progress and condition reports resume Monday, April 1st at 4 Eastern/3 Central.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Cotton: 540,000 acres, 6% more than 2023; Rice: Total: 1.451 million acres, an increase of 1% on the year; Long Grain: 1.36 million acres, up 11%; Medium: 90,000 acres, down 58%; Short: 1,000 acres, unchanged

Kansas: Cotton: 110,000 acres, 2% less than 2023

Missouri: Cotton: 390,000 acres, 16% more than 2023; Rice: Total: 224,000 acres, an increase of 9% on the year; Long Grain: 215,000 acres, up 9%; Medium: 9,000 acres, 13% higher

Tennessee: Cotton: 300,000 acres, 13% more than 2023

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