Crop farmer says trade policies have done nothing

A Midwestern farmer says he’s not surprised President Trump is minimizing his trade deal with China.

Mid-Michigan crop farmer Tim Boring tells Brownfield he doesn’t believe Trump cares about the economic wellbeing of farmers.

“I think a lot of the agricultural portions of that trade deal with China are simply pandering to farmers.”

Boring says farmers are no further ahead than a few years ago when the trade wars started.

“I look at a lot of these actions now as he’s kind of gotten bored with the whole trade war thing, we’ve moved on and he doesn’t really care about it at this point.”

In a press briefing Thursday, Trump said the phase one trade deal with China means “much less” to him now than when he made it.

Boring made his comments as part of a press call Friday by the non-profit Rural America 2020.

  • I think a lot of farmers are waking up to this reality that farmers are just a pawn used to get trump elected. If he wins we will be sunk. No foreign trade and no ethanol plants running. Then farm economy will start looking like the mid 1980s.

  • I really hope that the many farmers who thought that Trump would help them will really think about the real issues facing rural America and stop voting against their own best interests!

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