Crop insurance deadline arrives for many corn farmers waiting to plant

Some corn farmers in the Upper Midwest are facing difficult decisions because of final planting dates for full crop insurance coverage.

Farm management analyst Kent Thiesse says the late planting period begins today for farmers in northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and most counties in North and South Dakota.

“And once you hit that final planting date, of course farmers have some options to think about. Obviously they can continue to plant the corn in what’s called a 25-day late planting period.”

For each day that goes by, he tells Brownfield one percent of the original crop insurance coverage is lost.

Thiesse says farmers facing delays could also switch from corn to another crop, or file a prevented planting claim.

“And the prevented plant payment is 55 percent of your original insurance guarantee, so whatever coverage you had (and) whatever your guarantee was you can collect 55 percent there.”

He says a big factor for corn is whether fertilizer is already applied and encourages farmers to discuss options with their crop insurance agent.

Thiesse describes a large area from central into northern Minnesota west into much of the Dakotas as behind in planting because of wet conditions.

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