Crop update from around the Corn Belt

Many farmers around the Corn Belt are wrapping up planting for the first time this week.  Farmers taking part in Get Growing, Brownfield’s spring series of Cab Conversations provide an update from their areas.

Carrollton, Missouri farmer Adam Casner is one of the farmers that finished planting this week.  “I actually just finished planting beans right before we started,” he says.  “We haven’t been able to buy a rain here this week.  We’ve had a chance every day.  Yesterday, about 6 miles west of us they got about 2” of rain and we had about 2” between every drop.”

Aurora, Nebraska farmer Zach Hunnicutt finished up last week.  He says things look pretty good at this point.  “We did have to run some pivots around on beans to help get them out of the ground,” he says.  “We had some crusting, it wasn’t too bad, but it was enough that we needed to get some moisture on there.  For the most part, looking around at our corn and the neighbors – we’re in pretty good shape.”

Allen Ett farms in Central Ohio.  He says they’re just trying to plant when they can around Mother Nature.  “We did finish corn on Monday night,” he says.  “We had window there on Friday, Saturday and Monday and hit it pretty hard.  We finished late Monday night and started planting beans on Tuesday.”

Some of eastern South Dakota corn farmer Keith Alverson’s corn crop sat underground for over four weeks. “Now the corn is up and out of the ground looking pretty good,” he says.  “Certain hybrids had some challenges because it sat in the ground for so long.  But – for the most part things are looking pretty good and no one is talking about replanting.”

Watch our latest episode of Get Growing HERE.

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